Great accessories = great riding.

Keep on riding with some of the great accessory items from Zéfal.  With a long history of making your rides better, Zéfal is a great cycling partner.  Stay tuned for new items!


Active Cyclists Premium 7-piece set

The active cyclist 7 piece set is a premium set of cycling items that gives you the essential items for an enjoyable ride on your bicycle. A 47 lumen front and 4 led rear light provide light to see the road ahead and light to be seen by the cars on the road providing you with some additional safety when out on the road. A durable 24 ounce BPA free aluminum water bottle provides you with a great way to carry your water with you on your bike or to the gym. The cyclist set also includes a seat pack that easily attaches to the underside of your bicycle seat allowing you to carry the essential items that you may need for a roadside repair. Also included is a high pressure mini pump with a convenient frame mounting bracket that allows you to inflate your tires wherever you might need. Lastly, the kit includes a quick stop medium security U-lock to protect your bicycle while you run into the store for something quick.

  • Front and rear light set
  • Alloy mini pump (Presta & Schrader compatible) with mounting bracket
  • Quick stop u-lock
  • 24 oz. BPA free aluminum water bottle
  • Water bottle cage
  • Under the seat bicycle wedge bag
  • Part# 5165



Cyclops Cycling Mirror w/ LED

The Zefal Cyclops Cycling Mirror with integrated LED light blends two great accessories into one. First, is the mirror that helps give you a view of the road behind so you know what is approaching you from behind. Then an LED was added to the backside of the mirror that helps make you more visible to others on the bike path or road. The mirror is easy to install and fits most type of handlebars. It can be mounted on either side of the bicycle and three pivots in the mounting arm allow you to find your ideal viewing angle. The Zefal Cyclops mirror with integrated LED is an excellent addition to your bicycle. 

  • Universal handlebar fitting
  • Fits on the left or right side of the bicycle
  • Unbreakable chrome plated ABS mirror
  • 3 articulating pivots allow for optimum view angle
  • Works with virtually all types of handlebars
  • Folds for storage or if the event of an impact
  • Requires 1 CR2032 lithium ion battery (included)
  • Part# 5777

Starter Pack

The Zefal bicycle starter pack includes 6 essential items to help you get your bicycle ready for the road. The kit includes a mini hand pump with folding T-handle allow you keep your tire properly inflated, The convenient frame mounted bracket holds the pump so you can bring the pump along with you incase you have a flat or realize that your are low on tire pressure. Also included is a front and rear led light set. The front light has a durable aluminum body and contains 9 white LED’s, while the rear light has 5 red LED’s. Both lights have multiple modes (constant and flashing) to help you be seen when out on the road. The wide mouth, 20 ounce, water bottle with reinforced plastic water bottle cage allows you to carry your water so you can stay hydrated during your ride. Lastly, the kit includes a 5ft. long, self-coiling keyed cable lock so you can lock up your bike while you step away from your bicycle to run into a store or simply stop to enjoy the scenery.

  • 9 led front light
  • 5 led rear light
  • 5 foot long x 10mm thick self-coiling keyed cable lock
  • Bicycle tire mini pump with mounting bracket
  • 20 oz. cycling water bottle
  • Reinforced plastic bicycle water bottle cage
  • Part# 5770