The very best products for your inflation needs. 

On the trail or on the road, these mini pumps make a handy and compact way to get some air for the trip home. 


Air Profil Mini Pump

The Zefal Air Profil Mini-Pump is easy to handle and locks in place when not in use. Durable aluminum barrel and thumb lock make achieving high inflation pressures a breeze. Pump head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. The pump includes frame mounting bracket.

  • Locking rubberized ergonomic handle
  • Durable aluminum barrel, head and stem
  • Presta and Schrader valve compatible
  • Aluminum thumb lock
  • High-pressure design

Zen X Mini Pump

The Zefal "Zen-X Pumpmaster" mini pump is a perfect road or trailside companion. Its lightweight, 11-inch design with folding, co-molded T-handle and optimized aluminum barrel diameter efficiently delivers 120 psi (8 bar) of air pressure to your tires. Featuring Zefal's "ZenHead" valve head, which automatically adjusts to either Schrader or Presta inner tube valves, eliminates the fumbling with small internal pump head parts necessary to match your particular valve type. This excellent design also has an alloy thumb lock lever and valve head cap, an integrated dust cover and a convenient, frame-mounted pump holder bracket.  #5606 

  • 120 psi / 8 bar maximum capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum barrel
  • Co-molded T-handle
  • Alloy thumb lock lever
  • Integrated dust cover
  • Mounting bracket with extra-long screws



Air Profil Plus

The ergonomic handle is easy on hands and locks into place when not in use. The durable, aluminum barrel and integrated pump hose make achieving high inflation pressures a breeze. The pump head is a Schrader valve and includes a Presta valve adapter, conveniently stored in the pump handle.

  • Integrated 5" pump hose
  • High-pressure design
  • Pressure: 8 bar/115 psi
  • Part#5605