The very best products for your inflation needs. 

Zéfal has been making floor pumps for nearly 100 years.  With countless patents and innovations, Zéfal has been at the forefront in pump design and quality manufacturing.  The tradition continues. 

BigFoot Foot Pump

Professional features like an oversized heavy-duty steel barrel, 100-psi pressure gauge and long hose make the Zefal Foot Pump a great choice for your home or shop. The Zefal Foot Pump head is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves. The large diameter pump barrel moves massive amount of air for quick inflation of inner tubes and other inflatables.

Zefal Bigfoot Foot Pump:

  • Oversized steel barrel for high volume inflation
  • Schrader pump head with Presta valve adapter
  • Long hose fits into tight spots
  • Easy to read 100 psi/7 bar max pressure gauge
  • Includes inflation needle for sports balls
  • #5644  

Foot Pump Repair Station

The Zefal Foot Pump Repair Station is a convenient kit that helps keep your bicycle on the road. The Repair Station includes a Zefal foot pump, a 6 piece glueless inner tube patch kit with 2 tire levers and a folding 10 piece multi tool. The foot pump is an efficient design that has a maximum pressure of 120 psi. The pump utilizes Zefal’s “Z-Switch” pump head that easily allows you to change from Schrader to presta valve. The Zefal Zen-X folding tool houses 10 hardened steel tools, commonly needed to work on your bicycle. The Zen-X multi tool has a reinforced plastic body is designed to withstand years or use. Included is a 4mm allen key that stores in the body of the tool to tighten up the body and keep it feeling like new over time. The Zefal 6 piece glueless patch kit includes 2 tire levers so that you can easily repair an inner tube that gets a puncture. 

  • 120 psi foot pump
  • Schrader and presta valve compatible
  • Folding multi tool with 10 hardened steel tools, (2, 2.5, 3, 4 [x2], 5, 8mm allen keys
  • T25 torx, P2 phillips screwdriver)
  • 2 tire levers
  • 6 glueless inner tube patches
  • Part#5607