Stay visible.  Stay safe.

Whether you want to see or be seen, these great Zéfal lights will do the trick.


Deluxe Aluminum Light Set

The 5045 Deluxe aluminum light set is a great combination for the everyday cyclist. Whether you are looking for some additional lighting to extend the day or to simply increase your visibility to the motorists on the roadway the Zefal deluxe light set is an excellent choice. The durable weather resistant casing provides a bright 108 lumens of front light that can be mounted to your handlebars with a convenient handlebar mounting bracket. The front light offers 3 modes of operation (high power, low power and flashing). The light set also includes a weather and water resistant aluminum rear light with bright red 3 lumens and 2 modes (constant, and flashing) that attaches to your seat post via a simple mounting bracket. Batteries and brackets are included.

  • 100 lumens adjustable beam headlight

  • 2 lumens adjustable beam rear light

  • 3 (High)/20 (Low)/53 (Flash) headlight hours

  • 9 (Constant)/100 (Flashing) rear light hours

  • Rear visible range 2000’, 15 degree beam angle

  • Front beam distance 672’, 3-40 degree beam angle

  • Batteries, instructions and brackets included

  • Adjustable beam – front light only

  • Weather Resistant

  • RoHS compliant

  • Part# 5045


Manta Light Set

See and be seen. With sleek styling and easy attachment, the Zefal Manta front and backlights are perfect for any bicycle and a favorite among our customers. The front light has four bright LED’s, with 37 lumen’s of power. The front light has 4 modes (constant, flashing, strobe and off). The rear light has four LED’s, a red lens for high visibility, is 6 lumens bright with a 180-degree viewable angle, providing visibility up to 2750 feet and has 3 modes (constant, flashing and off). Enhance your safety, adjust the light for different angles with our adjustable bracket and increase overall visibility for yourself and others near you.

  • 37 lumens brightness, 96’ beam distance, 18 degree beam angle headlight

  • 5 Lumen brightness, 2750’ beam distance, 180 beam angle rear light

  • 10 (Constant)/23 (Flash)/78 (Strobe) headlight hours

  • 36 (Steady)/56 (Flash) rear light hours

  • Batteries, instructions and brackets included

  • Weather resistant

  • RoHS compliant

  • Batteries Included

  • Part# 5046


Zefal USB Rechargeable Front Bicycle Light (Easy Off and On)

The USB Rechargeable Front Bicycle Light requires no additional batteries. All you have to do is charge the light with any powered USB port, it’s that easy. Just imagine, not having to worry about not having batteries or having dead batteries and all the cost associated with battery replacement. Now breath easy knowing rechargeable is here. It also has a cam style attachment for the handlebar clamp, plus a quick release button that allows you to slide the light off the mounting bracket so you use it as a handheld flashlight. It is weather resistant therefore you can ride and not worry about damage to the light. It even has a beam strength of 160 lumens, distance of 220’ and 15 degree angle which is a great amount of light to see the road ahead. There are multiple modes: high, medium, low and flashing, all of which are perfect for your ride and different scenarios that emerge on it.

  • Cam style mounting bracket

  • Quick release button for use as a flashlight

  • Weather resistant

  • RoHS compliant

  • Beam distance: 220’

  • Beam angle: 15 degrees

  • Beam light: 160 lumens

  • Beam battery: 3.5 hours (hi), 4.5 (med), 14.5 (low), 5.75 (flash run time)

  • Part# 5091