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Smart Pump

The Zefal Smart Pump is an excellent addition to any garage. The innovative design of the Zefal smart pump packs a full sized floor pump into a more compact size. This is achieved by utilizing a telescoping pump barrel that allows you to move more air per stroke than most other pumps on the market and still keep its compact design. The folding feet and compact pump handle allow for this pump to be easily packed in the trunk of your car or in your gear bag for easy transportation. The long pump hose helps to reach those hard to get valve stems. The Smart pump also has a pump head that comes with a Schrader valve pump head and adapters for use with presta valves, sports balls and inflatables. Constructed of durable steel and engineering grade plastics. The large diameter pump barrel moves massive amounts of air per stroke and is ideal for wide tired bikes that inflate up to 80 psi.


  • Compact design
  • Telescoping barrel
  • Folding feet
  • Long pump hose
  • 80 PSI max.
  • Durable construction
  • Schrader and Presta valve compatible
  • Part# 5148